'BE' AT TBB 2019

Why is it key to humanise the energy transition?

The 2019 Business Booster in Paris was a very special edition with a focus on ‘Humanising the energy transition’. Many of our conversations at TBB were focused on how to make this objective a reality by discussing how we can give the most important ‘human’ of all a seat at our table... the citizen. And if we reflect on this year’s TBB, perhaps our unanimous recognition of this need was our most important achievement.

Part of this recognition was TBB community’s enthusiastic response to our ‘BE, Better Energy By Europeans’ initiative, which was presented at the ‘BE Booth’, as well as in the demonstration area alongside the ‘1kWhat?’ and as part of the parallel session where the role of citizens in the energy sector was discussed.

BE, Better Energy by Europeans is InnoEnergy’s initiative to accelerate the adoption of energy transition solutions by Europeans. BE is 100% people-centric, because we believe the engagement of citizens is the key to achieving the energy transition. We are designing inspiring assets and services to accelerate societal awareness and understanding. It was our role at TBB 2019 to demonstrate how we are making Europeans part of the conversation within our network of energy and innovation experts.

Citizens can contribute to InnoEnergy’s mission to accelerate innovation in Europe by being part of an open conversation about B2B solutions to overcome energy transition challenges. This is what we invited you to discuss with us at TBB 2019, and the role of ‘Better Energy by Europeans’ is to ensure that this conversation continues.

At TBB 2019 over 50 professionals came to interact with our team. We are following up on these leads to build inspiring collaborations.

Please follow us on our website and our LinkedIn account for the latest updates:


You can also contact our founder, Celine Jullien, Head of Citizen Engagement at InnoEnergy S.E. celine.jullien@innoenergy.com

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