What is the role of Europeans in the energy transition?

‘Better Energy by Europeans’ is the initiative to accelerate the engagement of Europeans in the energy transition. BE is all about “by”.

‘By’ is collaboration, inclusion and acceptance. The act of acknowledging each of our roles however large or small in determining our future side by side. It is about speaking to each other as equals in language that invites and connects.

‘By’ is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility and accountability. It accepts that we have arrived to where we currently are by our own actions, and that the ones we make in the future can transform and create the change that we need as a community.

‘By’ is selfless. It understands that the most desirable outcome is not always what we want as individuals and that the common good is the best for all of us in the long term.

‘By’ is innovation and creativity. It has faith in our capacity to use our collective resources to always do better and work together to find solutions.

‘By’ is leadership. It demands that we show strength together and that at opportune moments we step up bravely to reveal the path that we need to walk together.

‘By’ is all of us, irrespective of job, gender or age. Diversity is strength and it creates a more complete and robust solution to our challenge.

‘By’ is BE.

At BE we develop creative campaigns and organize disruptive events across Europe to engage citizens of all age, gender and role in society to understand and adopt solutions of their choice to improve their energy lifestyle. BE is the European initiative powered by InnoEnergy S.E. to accelerate the energy transition by making all citizens a part of the journey.

We can provide solutions to help you engage European citizens. You can keep updated with our latest activities and projects through our LinkedIn page:


You can contact our founder Céline Jullien, Head of Citizen Engagement at InnoEnergy S.E. to engage with BE, Better Energy by Europeans. celine.jullien@innoenergy.com

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